Welcome to the Dragonsdale WikiEdit

Welcome to the Dragonsdale Wiki! Don't you love the Dragonsdale books? Well here's a special site dedicated to them! Here you can discover many facts that you may have not known before. But don't forget that you can help too! As Sky "responds to every move and suggestion made by his beloved rider", so do we/I. So please don't hesitate to add it. Enjoy!

Dragonsdale OverviewEdit

Dragonsdale is all about dragons! Little dragons, big dragons, Firecrests, Finbacks, Bearded, Goldenbrow, Shadowhide, Darkeye, Splaytail, and many more. However, as you may know, there are people in the Dragonsdale books as well! Cara, Breena, Drane, Wony, Hortense, many others! So don't hesitate to add anything!!

Latest activityEdit

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